Custom seats at an affordable price!

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Do you want to add a touch of personalization to your 2-wheeler by installing a custom seat?

A more comfortable seat, a different shape or even made of different materials?



Dreamparts, in collaboration with the specialist in two-wheel saddlery for over 10 years in Thailand, offers you the creation of your tailor-made saddles: Choice of thread color, material, addition of gel for optimal comfort, addition of a strap, with personalized writing…


Our prices*:

  • MSX125 2013-2015: from 70.99€
  • Monkey 125: from 95.99€
  • Other models: (PCX, Forza, Rebel from 89.99€).

The “Gel” option for an optimal comfort is an additional 68.99€

*The price list does not include delivery.





If you are interested in making a custom seat, you can contact us on our Facebook chat or by e-mail at

If you want to obtain a standard seat, you can go to the “seats & luggage rack” category of your 2-wheeler by clicking on one of the links below:


List of samples of materials available for creating your custom saddles (note that colors may vary depending on your screen).