Check out the new Honda Forza 350!

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Honda, the leader in 2-wheel sales in France, unveiled the latest Forza 350 on October 4th.

The major competitor to the Yamaha X max, has received some mainly aesthetic changes, especially on the front and the rear light.

Available in Thailand in 4 colors, at a recommended price of 179,000 baht (around €4,800).

  • Matte Black
  • Gray (Smoky Grey)
  • Red
  • Blue

The main new features:

Emergency brake lights ESS (emergency stop signal), when hard braking happen.

A new dashboard:

Forza 350 2022 dashboard
new Forza 350 2023 Dashboard

A new front and rear light:

Forza 2023 front side
Forza 2023 rear light
Forza 2023 rear light


Steady Turn Signals: Now the turn signals remain on (solid), and flash when activated.


Forza 2023


New glove box with easy-access USB port


Forza 2023



Forza 350 ”Roadsync” edition: It is equipped with the HSVC system (Honda Voice Control).

This system, used in particular on the X-ADV, allows you to control your IOS or Android smartphone with your fingertip or by voice command.

Recommended price: 181,000 baht (around €4,850).


Roadsync hands-free system




Forza 350 Nitron Neon Edition:

Equipped with a top-of-the-range Nitron shock absorber system, an English company specialised in competition and OEM car and motorcycle shock absorbers (Lotus, Mini, Triumph, etc.)

Recommended price: 221,800 baht. (about 5950€).


Forza 350 Nitron Neon Edition
Forza 350 Nitron Neon Edition
Forza 350 Nitron Neon Edition


Forza 350 Rising Spirit Edition: Yoshimura x Gcraft

Gcraft, the famous Japanese brand of motorcycle accessories, has collaborated with H2C and Yoshimura, to create this special edition of the new Forza 350.

Recommended price: 206,900 baht (around €5,550).

Forza Yoshimura/Gcraft


Forza Yoshimura/Gcraft
Forza Yoshimura/Gcraft


We don’t have official information yet, but this brand new model should be available to sell in Europe during 2023.

The equipment for this new model of Forza 350 will be available on Dreamparts.

In the meantime, for Forza 125, 300, or 350 phase 4 pilots, you can find all of our original and custom spare parts right here: Honda Forza spare parts


Honda Forza phase 4 custom parts

And you, what do you think of this new Honda Forza 2023 edition? 🤔