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Shortly after the release of the new Honda Forza 350 (presentation available right here), it’s the turn of its main competitor to offer a revisited version of its famous Xmax!

The maxi-scooter evolves, with much more futuristic lines, and updated equipment.

A big change, the headlight:


Xmax 2022 headlight


Xmax 2022 headlight

A height-adjustable windshield:


The windshield is height adjustable, with a stroke of 50mm.

Xmax 2022 headlight

A completely redesigned dashboard:


The dashboard has completely changed to make room for 2 separate screens:

The LCD speedometer and fuel gauge, is positioned at the top, comparable to that of the previous version.

On the other hand, the two needle counters give way to a 4.2-inch TFT screen, allowing the pilot to connect his telephone as a hands-free kit, but also to display the GPS navigation.


Xmax 2022 dashboard
Xmax 2023 dashboard
Xmax 2023 dashboard

The back:


The rear light has also changed on this new model. It seems to be on this new version, a fusion of the rear light of the Xmax 2022 and that of the Nmax 2022.
Xmax 2023 tail light


Xmax 2023 tail light


Xmax 2022 tail light


Nmax 2022 tail light

The cycle and engine part:


apart from aesthetic changes and various functionalities, the base of the vehicle remains the same.

The engine is the same as used on the Euro 5 version: 292cc Blue Core engine, delivering a maximum power of 28 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 29 Nm at 5,750 rpm.

The shock absorbers, swingarms also remain unchanged.

Many accessories already available for the Euro 4-5 version, such as braking elements, shock absorbers, exhaust, should be compatible with this latest Xmax 300, allowing the installation of custom spare parts, already widely available!

More technical characteristics


Engine 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, 4 valves, water cooled
Engine displacement 292 cm3
Maximum power 28 horsepower at 7,250 rpm
Maximum torque 29 Nm at 5,750 rpm
Average fuel consumption 33,3 km/liter
transmission type CVT (variator)
Transmission belt

Chassis Xmax 300 2023


Front shock absorbers Telescopic, shaft size 33 mm, stroke 110 mm.
Rear shock absorbers Twin shocks, 93mm stroke.
front brake Single disc brake, size 267 mm. Dual piston brake caliper
Rear brake Single disc brake, size 245 mm. Single piston brake caliper
Front tire 120/70R15
rear tire 140/70R14


Yamaha Xmax 300 2023 dimensions


Dimensions length x width x height (mm.) 2,185 x 775 x 1,415 – 1,465 if the windshield is up
Seat height 795 millimeters
Wheelbase 1,540 millimeters
Minimum ground clearance 135 millimeters
Weight with oil and full fuel 179 kg
Fuel tank capacity 13 liters


More pics



We don’t have official information yet, but this brand new model should be available in Europe at the end of 2023.

The equipment for this new Xmax will be available on Dreamparts.

In the meantime, for Xmax Euro 4-5 riders, you can find all of our original and custom spare parts right here: Yamaha Xmax spare parts


And you, what do you think of this new Yamaha Xmax 2023? 🤔


As fuel prices continue to rise, many motorists are trying to find a way to reduce costs, and are turning to converting their vehicle to ethanol.

Indeed, the price of SP95 is close to 2€, that of bioethanol E85 is 0.89€*

(*Everage price in France on 10/18/22).


What is bioethanol?


Bioethanol, marketed under the name Superethanol-E85 or E85, is a fuel in which alcohol (ethanol) replaces part of the gasoline contained in traditional fuels.

Two types of ethanol exist: synthetic, derived from petroleum, and organic, bioethanol, made from wheat, corn or sugar beets.

Ethanol is present in all fuels in different proportions. E85 contains between 65% and 85% bioethanol, compared to 5 to 10% in fossil fuels.



Is ethanol corrosive?


Despite popular belief, ethanol is not a corrosive substance. Ethanol is hydrophilic and will therefore tend to attract water molecules which are corrosive. But the European standard for E85, EN 15293, imposes a maximum water content of 0.4%. In France the limit is even lower, at 0.3% water in Superethanol-E85.

There is therefore no risk of corrosion for the elements of your engine.


On a two-wheeler, is a conversion to bioethanol possible?


Many professionals have embarked on the conversion to ethanol of 2 or 4 wheelers with 4-stroke engines.

Some vehicles can also run on several types of fuel in the vehicle tank (flex fuel). Using an additional box, your vehicle will be able to adapt the correct mixture during injection, regardless of the fuel present in your tank.


Today we are going to talk about an inexpensive and easy to install solution for a Honda Forza 350* E85 conversion.

(*this solution can also be applied to other vehicle models: ADV, SH 350 etc).

Before starting, it should be taken into account that this conversion will no longer allow your forza to run (correctly) on SP95 or 98, and will therefore now only have to run on E85.


E85 injector


Simply access to the injector of your Forza and replace it with a larger injector, type DRM-16450-B14-5PJ: High flow injector

Et voilà! Your full tank of fuel will go from around €22 to less than €10.


Can I run on E85 only?


Indeed, without an additional box, your vehicle will not be able to determine the percentage of alcohol contained in your tank.

Without this crucial information, the possibility of driving while mixing the different types of fuel is therefore not possible.



The benefits: 👍

  • An inexpensive modification.
  • No additional box to install.
  • Refueling almost 3 times cheaper.
  • A gain in power (higher octane number than on SP95-98).
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases by approximately 70% (over the entire bioethanol production cycle). Only 5% drop at the exit of the vehicle’s exhaust.


Cons: 👎

  • Higher fuel consumption than with traditional fuel (+20-25% approximately).
  • Slightly less autonomy, because more consumption.
  • Possibility to run E85 only.
  • Indeed, without an additional box, your vehicle will not be able to determine the percentage of alcohol contained in your tank, and therefore to adjust the quantity of fuel injected.
  • Limited fuel station (about 3150 in France).

List of petrol stations offering E85 fuel: Petrol stations offering E85

If you are interested in additional power gain on your Honda Forza 350, you can also install an exhaust elbow, an air filter and a performance transmission kit:


Performance transmission kit
Performance transmission kit
Forza 350 Performance Air Filter
Forza 350 Performance Air Filter
Stainless steel exhaust manifold, for Honda Forza 350
Stainless steel exhaust manifold, for Honda Forza 350



Thank you for taking the time to read our article!


Caractéristiques Techniques

MoteurMono cylindre 4 Temps, simple ACT 2 soupapes refroidi par air
Cylindrée124,9 cm3
Alésage x course52,4 mm x 57,29 mm
Puissance9,4 chevaux à 7000 tr/mn
Couple11 Nm à 5250 tr/mn
Alimentationinjections électronique PGM-FI
Réservoir d’essence5,6 litres
Boite de vitesses4 rapports
Cadremono poutre en acier
Dimensions (L x l x H)1710 mm x 755 mm x 1029 mm
Empattement1155 mm
Hauteur de selle775 mm
Poids en ordre de marche107 kilos
Suspension AVfourche télescopique inversée
Suspension ARdeux amortisseurs
Pneu AV120/80-12
Pneu AR130/80-12
Frein AVdisque ø 220 mm ABS
Frein ARdisque ø 190 mm
Prix de vente4099€


Questions Réponse :

Quelle est la cylindrée du Honda Monkey 125 ?

124,9 cm3

Quelle est l'alimentation du Honda Monkey 125 ?

L'alimentation du Honda Monkey 125 est par injection électronique PGM-FI

Quelle est la puissance du Honda Monkey 125 ?

La puissance du Monkey 125 est de 9,4 chevaux à 7000 tr/mn

Quel est le couple du Honda Monkey 125 ?

Le couple du Honda Monkey 125 est de 11 Nm à 5250 tr/mn

Quel type de moteur possède le Honda Monkey 125 ?

Le type de moteur du Honda Monkey 125 est un Mono cylindre 4 Temps, simple ACT 2 soupapes refroidi par air.

Monkey 125 refroidissements liquide ou à air ?

Le Honda Monkey 125 dispose d'un refroidissement a air.

Quels sont l'alésage et la course du Honda Monkey 125 ?

52,4 mm x 57,29 mm

Quelle est la contenance du Réservoir du Honda Monkey 125 ?

5,6 litres

Type de démarreur Honda Monkey 125 ?

Démarreur électrique

Combien de rapport a le Honda Monkey 125 ?

4 rapports

Quelle taille fait le Honda Monkey 125 ?

1710 mm x 755 mm x 1029 mm

Quel est l'empattement du Honda Monkey 125 ?

1155 mm

Quelle est la hauteur de selle du Honda Monkey 125 ?

775 mm

Quel est le poids du Honda Monkey 125 ?

107 kilos

Quelle est la taille du pneu avant du Honda Monkey 125 ?


Quelle est la taille du pneu arrière du Honda Monkey 125 ?


Le Honda Monkey 125 dispose-t-il d'un ABS ?

Oui uniquement sur le frein avant.

Quelle est la Taille disque avant du Honda Monkey 125 ?

disque ø 220 mm ABS

Quelle est la Taille disque arrière du Honda Monkey 125 ?

disque ø 190 mm

Quel est le prix de vente du Honda Monkey 125?