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Ce samedi 6 aout 2022 à eu lieu la première édition du “Honda Dax me out Carnival”, organisé par Honda au nord est de Bangkok en Thaïlande.

Cette rencontre était l’occasion pour la marque de faire la promotion de ce nouveau modèle du Dax 125 sorti en Thaïlande en mars dernier.

Les activités sur place:

Courses organisées sur terrain plat



Stands d’exposition de plusieurs marques telles que: H2C, Bikers, Kitaco, G-craft, ainsi que ventes de pièces détachées pour ce nouveau Dax 125 



Restauration et Boissons


Si vous aussi vous êtes intéressé par ce nouveau Honda Dax 125, il devrait être disponible en concession en France, Belgique, courant octobre 2022 en 2 coloris: Pearl cadet gray (gris) et Pearl Nebula (Rouge)

Toutes les pièces détachées custom et origines sont déjà disponibles sur Dreamparts!


Honda has just announced a partnership with One Piece and the production of 300 Honda Monkey as well as several limited edition accessories and parts.

limited edition Trésor “Monkey D. Luffy”


limited edition Trésor “Tony Tony Chopper”


Edition “Monkey D. Luffy”


Limited edition “Tony Tony Chopper”

All of these accessories are available on request on our chat Facebook or through our contact section.


The pictures of a new Honda Dax have been appearing for several months on the internet.

The long-awaited announcement could have taken place at the Tokyo motor show 2021 edition, but the show, established in 1954, has been cancelled for the first time since its inception due to the current pandemic.


The Dax released in 1969 in 50cc and 70cc version , has been a worldwide commercial success and has been produced for over 30 years.

Honda ST50 1978



Honda ST125


This new Dax should see the light of day under the name ST125just like the 2 previous versions, the ST 50 and the ST 70.

Many enthusiasts impatiently await this new model relatively aesthetically close to the first versions of the model, despite an enlargement of the vehicle: 10-inch wheels, changing to 12 inches, front / rear This new version must comply with the new pollution and safety standards: Euro 5 standard, front and rear disc brakes, ABS, etc., a 5-speed gearbox, and, of course, a bigger, more powerful and more torquey engine.

Honda ST125


This new version must comply with the new pollution and safety standards: Euro 5 standard, front and rear disc brakes, ABS, etc.

The engine parts, the wheels and the controls will find many common parts with the C125, CT 125 and of course the Monkey 125.

According to some sources, this new Dax should make its appearance in April 2022.


Here are the very last photos of the Dax 125, published this Monday, March 14, 2022!


The first video of the Dax 125 available Right here(In Japanese)!



The spare parts and accessories being available in very large numbers for these vehicles, the customisation of this new Dax 125 should be limitless !

And you, What do you think about this new version of the legendary Honda Dax?


H2C has released today the Hot Wheels edition of the Monkey 125 limited to only 150 copies!

The price of this new toy is 139,000 Thai baht or around €3,550.



The kit includes:

  • 1 carbon fiber tank
  • A pair of blue and orange grips
  • An orange carbon fiber side panel
  • Orange H2C wheel stripes
  • Hot wheels air filter cover
  • A unique Hot Wheels ID number











Some photos of the monkey 125

















Your Monkey 125 x Hot wheels skateboard, but also its supports (Kitaco or Gcraft) to mount on the side of your monkey are now available on Dreamparts!



🛹 Skateboard Hot Wheels x Monkey 125

🛹 Kitaco Skateboard Rack for Monkey 125

🛹 Gcraft Skateboard Rack for Monkey 125